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What are the objectives
of the NEW - New Economy World?

In the design of this project, we identified that in the current economic context when analyzing the commercial relations between Brazil - Mercosur and Cape Verde - ECOWAS, there were a number of business opportunities and the intensification of professional relations that were not being properly explored.

The New Economy World intends to contribute to this approach, inviting Brazilian businessmen and meeting African institutions and companies of prominence and relevance for various business sectors, which include import-export, HORECA sector, technology, Agri-food, Oil and Gas, ores , between others. We aim to become the reference event that economically and professionally links Africa to Brazil – Latin America, with one foot in Portugal and Europe. This will be the first high-level conference in this context and with this well-identified purpose, which we will replicate every year in several African countries, consolidating the New Economy World as the event to be for anyone wishing to do business in Africa.

What are NEW's main contributions?

After appreciating Cape Verde's potential as a gateway to the African continent, and having carefully studied Brazil's trade relations with ECOWAS countries, we quickly concluded that this entire market was clearly underutilized. Knowing that Cape Verde is geographically and culturally very close to Brazil, and that there are a number of well-identified business opportunities that fit perfectly into the Brazilian business fabric, we see that the benefits are evident for all parties. Furthermore, since Brazil is part of Mercorsul and Cape Verde is part of ECOWAS, the Brazilian business sector may very well lead the commercial interests of all of Latin America.

What are the main investment areas that should be interested in NEW?

Oil & gas, Carbon, tourism, Agriculture, fisheries, green energies, commodities, Agriculture, ores, new technologies, web 3, Renewable energies (blue economy), Real estate, Carbon Credits, among others.

Why Cape Verde?

We understand Cape Verde as a privileged gateway to the African continent, particularly with regard to countries and the community associated with ECOWAS, which covers the entire Gold Coast, between Nigeria and Senegal. Cape Verde, we recall, stands out in the African context for the stability of its institutions, both political and financial, for the attractiveness and incentive to foreign investment and for the excellent conditions it provides to investors.

Quando se realizará o NEW? 

Between 10 and 13 March 2023.

Until when can I submit
my registration?

Until the end of January 2023.

What payment methods can I use?

Payment can be made by deposit or bank transfer to an account in Brazil or Portugal of one of the Group companies. Fill in the pre-booking form here and we will contact you.
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